Discover the complexity of your birth chart. What are indications of your life path, ways to take advantage of strengths and remediate the difficulties. Readings may be catered to specific topics such as career, love, money or family. A session includes a year ahead forecast for transits and progressions. This is an offering of insight for self-knowledge, current life circumstances and conceivable energies ahead.




For couples, co-workers, friends or family seeking deeper insight into the dynamics of their relationship. Learn about the karmic complexity of the two charts interacting together - the soul purpose of the connection, the timing of joint endeavors and ways to benefit fully from your pairing.




Looking to move? Travel? Wondering how to take better advantage of the location you live now? We focus here on the power of location using Astro* Cartography. Learn the places in the world the resonate most with your birth chart, for what reasons and when to arrive.