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Natal Chart Interpretation with Year Ahead Reading -- $100/60-min

Here we discover what your chart indicates about your strengths, life path and methods for remediating potential difficulties. Readings can be catered to specific topics such as career, relationships, money, family or anything of concern. Each session includes a year ahead forecast for transits and progressions to your chart. This is an offering of insight for current life circumstances and conceivable energies ahead. 

Relationship Reading Between Two Charts -- $175/60-min

This is for couples, co-workers, friends or families wanting to meditate on the dynamics of your interpersonal relationship. This entails mini-readings of each chart individually before digging into the karmic complexity of the charts together in Synastry and Composite. 

Natal Chart Interpretation with Locality Reading -- $100/60-min

A natal reading focused on re-location or current locality using Astro*Cartography. We will learn what places in the world resonate most with your chart, for what reasons and when to arrive.

Natal Chart Interpretation with Kundalini Yoga Instruction -- $175/60-min

A reading and forecast that includes yoga instruction catered to your chart and its specific upcoming transits. I will guide you through assigned kriyas, mantras and breathwork exercises most therapeutic to your chart and the year ahead. This includes an hour-long private yoga class instruction, in person or over skype. 


For readings above, I offer a sliding scale $60-$90 to artists and activists seeking insight but unable to afford rates. Please connect/email if this applies. Additionally, if interested in gifting someone a reading please connect/email. 

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ASTROLOGY Art -- $Variable

I am available to make artwork about your birth chart - analysis through video, installation, photo, performance or interactive events. An opportunity to experience your birth chart from a poetic, visual perspective. I am open to all forms of experimentation and collaboration. My artist website can be viewed here. Rates negotiable

(Email with any ideas or questions)



ASTRO datebooks -- $20-$100

5 x 8 datebook calendars indicating all moon cycles and planetary movements. Option to customize based on your specific birth chart transits, progressions, lunar cycles and eclipses for the year ahead. Datebook features original b&w photography and is designed with room for your weekly notes, lists and reflections.

•••••ALL 2018 CALENDARS are SOLD OUT, check back in at the end of the year for the next batch •••••