//SEPTEMBER 2018\\

Today the sun hits the earth in a way that 
perfectly balances the amount of night and day force.

We stand in the middle of a two-lane highway, grateful for the stretch of miles reaching into the past and eager for renewal of the course onwards.

Likewise, Venus slows down for retrograde Oct 5th as Mars is coming out of retrograde, gaining momentum forward. 

We take on this swaying, one forth and one back in a switching dance step. Deciding now, do I coordinate my dancing with others? Or is it individual dancing alone?  Perhaps we can be in a group of people dancing alone in a coordinated way. 

Like hands rubbing together or water slowing down a boat, the bits of one thing catches onto another, both trying hard to keep moving in their chosen direction. 

The end of this month highlights the heat where this friction builds. We've been deciphering the hieroglyphics of our next heel turn, cloaked in fears of uncertainty, rational and irrational insights. As the fog clears, in a mess of letters and numbers we begin to spell out the message: LET GO