//OCTOBER 2018\\

With our fur coat, black stockings, long cigarette and casual gun, we are passionate yet destructive ~ empowered yet marred by emotional depth. The planet of love *Venus* continues a retro-retreat into the the most intense sign of the zodiac *Scorpio*

Scorpio's spectrum of feelings contains only extremes. Mix this energy with the backwards moving planet of relationships, and we find ourselves treading through the haunted hallways of shared resources...shared beds....the ghouls of forgotten feelings, old fears, past hurts, jealousy, betrayal, obsession.

When considering this darker side of our passionate entanglements we begin to wonder: Is there something we depend on from others that we now must satisfy for ourselves? 

This month we acknowledge the dose of femme fatale in us all. The dangerously magical and uncompromising yin energy, femininity that is circular and permeating though piercing. We yield only to our deep-felt needs and desires and bind ourselves only to those who can handle it ! Raw, honest and aware, we reclaim our power. 

Venus retrogrades over the same part of the zodiac every eight years. Expect some echoes from events and feelings that were happening in October 2010.