We all endured an extreme style of exercise from November 6-17, quick pivots, moving objects  ~ all at once the playing field repainted -- November feels like a miniature kind of new years.
As the limitations and topics from the past six months burn away, we rest in a Mercury retrograde season ~ slowing down our pathways of communication, we enter the maze of our own thoughts.

Since Mercury treads backwards in the sign of the storyteller, Sagittarius ~ this retrograde helps us notice the story we tell ourselves. Does your inner-dialogue energize or enervate. Does our culture of shame and fear pollute your self-talk with negativity, or mask vulnerability with pretentiousness. Scan your mental chatter and ask yourself, is this real? Probably not. Be curious about your embellished interpretations. 

We'll all strike gold in the end, with the planet of abundance, JUPITER now residing in Sagittarius (its own sign) for the next year. Though, its indications may not be immediately apparent. Jupiter is currently hip to hip with the blinding rays of the Sun, and thus invisible in the sky. Similar to a new moon, slowly becoming a crescent, it will enter a purification process before slowly gaining its vigor. Prepare for this gilded journey, patiently awaiting the shape of our bounty, gradually growing enormous.