//JULY 2018\\

Still, we are stewing in Mars retrograde - spinning in place like steam turbines we feel the wafts of old anger, desire and aggression emerge from our underground vaults.

On July 27th, Mars is affixed to a Total Lunar Eclipse configured like a gourmet knife drawer. This is also the midpoint period of Mars retrograde cycle, where the swollen red planet will be close enough in orbit to reach out and pinch. We must have the courage to look inside and notice what outworn heating system is (apparently) still in use.

This month has great potential for major turning points, we are inspired to split from those things that hinder our freedom to act and enterprise: a person, a place, a societal norm, an emotional habit. Though, patience and flexibility is key! This is a chapter in a sequence of events that will unfold August 27 to early September when Mars goes direct. Dramatic, permanent burning of bridges may be mishap once this machine stops and moves forward...for now, ask for space.